Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2015

Bolt Action - British fighting group (#1)

have been quite absent during the last months. Many other projects and activities have been around...

Last week my old chum Tim from Dorset called me on the phone with some seasons greetings. Told me he is doing "Bolt Action" with some gentlemen from the neighborhood.
Well, this was something like "getting back in the hobby". Have´nt done anything modelling during the last year. I went to my favourite local modelling store and bought some British "Bolt Action" stuff: Some metal figurines, some plastics and a Bren Carrier. 
This Bren Carrier is an upscaled version of the well known Plastic Soldiers (PSC) offer. It is labeled as Italer i/ Bolt Action. I like the upsacled rendition of the carrier. Quite pretty in comparison to the (slightly) smaller version of the 1:72 replica.

The figure (man on the phone) is from the Foreward Obsever Team offered by Bolt Action series. In comparision to the PSC 1:72 models the Bolt Action versions offers decals!!!!!  I have never understood why PSC (wich is on the top of wargaming products) are offering NOOOO decals with their models. It is no pain nor business damage to recreate serious decals. Have done quite a many decals for myself and have not gone the Greek way...
The Bolt Action decals are OK... OK but nothing the "in-scale modeller" would like. Some of the offered numbers do look NON military; the "stars" are oversized...but I feel fine!


What will be next?
I failed to get a Bolt Action Version of the "Dingo Scout Car" on Ebay last night - but managed to buy a Tamiya rendition in 1:48. 


This one looks quite nice to me and hopefully it will compare in size to the Bolt Action offerings.
Will share some of the in-buid results here.
Per (aka darkbirk)