Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

The guild - 2013 build (8)


these days I am working on (at least) two KV 1 tanks that run around in a flame-throwing role. Managed to build up a nice little "Frankentank" - a mix up of Eastern Express parts and pieces from a Trumpeter KV set. This one came up quite nice.

Tried it a bit more on the comic/pulp way with extremly damaged mud-guards and deeply sloping tracks. Ever thought the whole KV series is a bit on the comic/pulp side.... Is´nt it? Slow movn steal-monsters with bolted-on armour, turrets like castle-towers, patriotic markings...
NO way. Thought this vehicle should get some company by true pulp warriors. Have a nice little set of soviet naval-infantry by Co. CP. These guys look just pulpy enough for the KV. Gave them a machine-gunner from Zvesda - just for the extra shot.


Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

The Guild -group build (finished task one)


quite pleased to finish up my first task for this years "The Guild" group build. Managed to build up a mid war T 34/76 (Co. Dragon) plus a quite lovely little object: a mine roller from Co Eastern Express/Colibri. Was a fun little project ... please enjoy the pictures and do not forget to visit the "Guild"

Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

The guild -2013 group build (7)


Soviets are commin. Armour is commin.
During the last three weeks I put some stress on Soviet tanks. Quite lovely vehicles these are. Great pleaser to build the up and I am quite pleased to state some some 95% ready. Still I need some work here an´there. The headlights... some decent basing ... but ... yes ... the are nearly finished. 

What do we have here?

1. A British-borne Churchill from Co. Italeri (Ex. ESCI) in winter white-wash. An old but extremely nice vehicle I´ve build several times during the years. 
2. Flame -throwing KV 1 / KV 8 from Co. PST. A lovely gunny. I changed the tracks to those from a spare Trumpeter set. 
and finally
3. A Dragon mid-war T 34/76 plus the mine-roller from Eastern Express (labeled as "Colibri"). The Dragon is more on the fast building side. I always enjoyed to build up Dragon "Ts".

Here are the pictures:


Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

The Guild- Build Project (6)


quite pleased to have another update on my "Soviets".
During the last days I worked on Academy´s M3 halftrack that found its way to the soviets lines as a lend-leased vehicle. This halftrack was quite a fast-build and came out lovely.
I sprayed it with Humbrols light olive. Later on the vehicle got a dry-brush with Vallejo paints plus a pin wash with inks from the GW range. Chipping effects and edging was done with a sharp but soft pencil.

Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

The "Guild" - Build Project (5)


had another update on the "guild" build project.

This time I am commin´ along with some small artillery piece by Co. Zvesda.
(Here is the link....  )

This "Zvesda" gun is a nice little gem. Went together lovely. I used the Italeri AT Gunners to join up this gun.


Montag, 4. Februar 2013

The Guild - Build Project (4)

got another update on the "guild" group-build. Managed to build on of those extreme nice CP-miniatures from the soviet battle-engineer sets. This faustnik here is painted in full-winter camo and shall gave my Soviet Ski-hunters the extra AT-punch.

Moreover I finished up two more Italeri Soviets plus a slightly converted PTR-gunner from Revells "Sibirians" set.

With these three men I can form up a full squad of Soviet infantry. Here they are... lined up the "Expandable" way. They would need some transport... didn´t they?