Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

The Guild - project 2013 (2)


as written earlier I joined this years "the guild" project build.
My idea is to work on late war winter Soviets - just to have respectable "foes" for my "Oder-Germans".
Started out with some infantry and worked on at least three sets: Zvesda Scouts, Revell´s "Sibirians" and my all time favored Italeri "Winter Soviets". The Revell set is of nice topic with those "Biathlon" Ski-hunters. But... the sprue and figures don´t follow todays quality standards. We have much flash on the sprue, the figures are a bit flat and the faces are live-less.
Having the Zvesda Scouts at home I came to the idea to place them on the skis from the Revell-set.

Was quite placed with the results.
Here are some of the pictures... more on the website from "The guild".


Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

The Guild - Build Project 2013


some days back I decided to join up the 2013 build project of "the guild" forum.
I am out with some later war Soviets. These should batlle my "Oder" Germans.

here is the link:


Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Battlegroup Oder #6b (AK-AK)


some 15 years back I build up the Airfix ´88 gun. Was not realy pleased with that gunny but hold it for some years. Last year Zvesda came out with a new rendition of this multi-purpose weapon. Bought it last week and could not resist to build it up immediately.
I´m speechless. What a goddess of a gun.  Zvesda did a perfect job here. No comparison to the upmentioned Aifix ´88.
Well... what do we have here? First of all: A snap-fit, no-glue, fast-build model. Extremly welcome for the wargamer. Second: A highly sophisticated model, good shaped, lots of details, perfect fitting. This one cold turn out into a piece of art. Third: Costs of 8 Euros for a perfect multi-purpose gun plus four operating gunners. Got it?

Well ... beside any enthusiasm...: Had much fun here. This Zvesda ´88 is highly recommended.
The gun is hand-painted with Vallejo paints. The gun shield recieved a white wash in the hairspray way. I used the plastic base that came along with Zvesda kit. Mother nature was brought to me by Silfloor and Woodland. The snow is baking-powder.

Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

Battlegroup Oder #6a (Regimental Artillery)

the battlegroup is growing. Slowly but steady. We have Grenadiers, we have StuG´s, we have "what if support" and we will have tanks. Like many other Battlegroups this (my) unit won´t have any Artillery on it´s own. But ... there is always Divisional and Regimental support. Yes there nice guys around that will give you the extra punch - when needed.  In this case we will have some Regimental Arty support. Those men from the Reg. will give what they can effort. We will see a mixed group of plain Artillery Guns plus AT-Guns (HE able). We will also see a mixture of transport... from horse limbers to FAMO heavies.

During the last weeks I collect some kits that would look nice for a mixed up artillery unit. Have around the 105mm from Armourfast and Revell, a vehicle from Co. Ace plus the Trumpeter FAMO for transport. I also have the nice Zvesda ´88 that will give the extra AT punch. Figures will be taken from the Zvesda "Ak-AK" set, from the Preiser AT-gunners and from the Revell gunners. Would say I have enough for a good start - but eventually more would come along (Looking for some havieer Revell guns plus some Opel Blitz for transport).
I suppose this will be at least a four weeks project as I did not have any experience with Ace kits (the "French" Pionierwagen P 107) nor with the Trumpeter FAMO (wich has eventually toooooo many parts for me). Please stay tuned.


Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Battlegroup Oder #5 (StuG Coy finished)


quite pleased to finish my StuG company. This company concists of three vehicles. Well .... must say this was an intense work during the last weeks but I am quite pleased to have these Sturmis ready. These three guns belong to the best I have made during the last months and I am quite proud to encounter my wargaming friends with these. Wanted to have these tanks like old veterans guns and I guess they look alike.
Found it quite interesting to have
a) a high priced Dragon StuH 42
b) a mid priced Revell StuG 40
c) a low to no priced PSC StuG G
on the workbench. Nice comparison. Can´t find much difference here. The Dragon StuH45 is fantastic.... but there are too many fidly parts for a wargamer (like me). This one is just right for for the in-scaler. The Revell StuG is perfect. During the years I build up many Revell vehicles. Must say I get a bit partial.... Revell is fantanstic. The fast-build PSC is also fantastic. In wargaming you can´t go out with PSC. Three vehicles for the price of one Dragon tank. I guess ... that´s it. The track of the StuG is a bit poor. HHHmmm not quite pleased. But the shape, details and size are convincing. I am really going to like PSC.