Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013

The Guild - Iron Fist Group Build


I am quite lame with modeling these days but have one good reason....: My garden. Do luv my garden and spend many hours here these days.

Modeling is extremely reduced but I managed to build up two (!) entries for a "Guild" group build.
These days Guild group build is about late war / final days of ww2. I like to share some of the pictures here...:

First entry is "Kampfraum Frankfurt/ Oder". A group of ten late war grenadiers with Panzerschrecks/Panzerfausts. The figures are from the Pegasus range, one from TQD and another one from CP Models. Had some "head-swap" on the officer who received a Preiser head.

The second entry is called "Ruhrkessel". The story behind that sounds somewhat special....:

During late war the Germans had a strange favour for static defenses that were made from used and spare (often heavily used) tank turrets.
It is also quite known that the Germans had a gusto for Soviet heavy tanks. They literally grapped their hands on every KV that was littering around in 1941....
Here the story begins.
While researching the KV 2 tank in German Service (Beute-Panzer) I stumble about the following www-site...:

We found a picture here (second last of the page) of a KV 2 that was (obviously) used in the 1945 Ruhrkessel fightings to protect the Krupp works against American troops. This picture make me think ....

Had enough KV 1/KV 2 parts on the bench to build up a KV 2 that could represent a vehicle that was used in late war as a static defense. The vehicle itself is on the desperate side of life. Unable to drive anywere it was left somewere to protect valuable locations. One single grenadier is with the KV. We don´t know why this gentlemen is having his gasmask on. Doomsday is commin.


Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

Towaritsch Ford


one of my all time favorites in braille scale are the ground vehicle sets from Academy. Lovely little gems they are. Here is one of them... a Ford GPA in Soviet service.
Painting was done with Humbrol acrylics, the man on the front seat is from the Preise range.

Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2013

The Guild - Group build 30mm base (2)


as hoped, I was able to build up one more little 30mm dio.
Having little time (as always) I did this here in a one-night speed build.

Titel is "Commandos!" and I would say it is self-explaining. Two Commandos raid a railroad-line with explosives. The Commandos are from the Caesar range. Would say one of the best Caesar sets available.

Railparts UK-made from Peco. Would say the best model-railtrack in the world.

The group-build is now finished. There are some 30+ entries, most of them true masterpieces of imagination and craftmanship.  All of them worth a look.
Here is the link:


Montag, 22. April 2013

The Guild - Group Build 30mm base


the "Group" started just another group build. This time we are out for speeeeed-building 30mm bases.
Right now I am in with two builds and here are some pictures:

The first is a german "ambush-setting" with some Caesar winter grenadiers firing from a well hidden birch-wood position.


The second set are two Soviets in winter-clothing - ambushing from a fencing. Both figures are from the Pegasus range. Quite lovely hard plastic set.

Hope for one more entry.

Montag, 15. April 2013

Panzer Aufklaerungs Abteilung (Pz. AA) #3


found some time to expand my Panzer Aufklärungs unit with some AT support. The Pak 38/97 from PSC found some company by a nice little Preiser/Pegasus/Italeri gunner-combo.
Well having a "french" "lend lease" AT gun I thought my gunners would need some french-mede transport. Back in the darkest niche of my stack I found a kit from Co. Ace. Was never a "fan" with Ace (and never will) but decided to build it up as the gun-towing vehicle.

Quite pleased with the results. The guners take their place on separate bases and have the chance to serve on other guns.


Montag, 8. April 2013

The Guild - 2013 Group Build stage 2


the "Guild" group build continues with stage two.
Worked on with some more Soviet infantry. A mixture of Zvesda figures, Preiser´s and at least one CP miniature. Some of the figures got slight conversions.... new arms, helmets, heads with helmets, arms with rifles. Intend to use these men either for Rapid Fire or for some BG engagement.

Must say I am quite pleased with the result. Preiser and Zvesda have a similar size and they march together nice.


Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

Plastic Soldier Comp.: PaK 97/38 75mm


yesterday evening good some parcel from UK with the new(ish) PaK 38 from Plastic Soldier Comp. Could not resist this lovely set and start some work on the (french) PaK 97/38 75mm.
PSC did a fantanstic job here. Few parts of good hard plastic, options for two different guns (50mm Pak 38 / 75 mm Pak 97/38), ammunition boxes, decent gunners ... thanks a lot PSC.

Spent some two hours of work on this. All is still a bit of work in progress with some details missing - but ... I do like that. The muzzle - break looks extremly good. Had the ACE version of this specific gun somewhere in the stock and definitely will give it in the BAY.

Freitag, 22. März 2013

Panzer Aufklaerungs Abteilung (Pz. AA) #2


for my Panzer Aufklärungs Abteilung (Pz. AA) I have two vehicles now on the run.

What do we have here?
First to come a SdKfz 234/3, heavy eight-wheel car from Hasegawa. Have never ever thought to get familiar with Co. Hasegawa but must say fitting was pefect. No (!) fast build but lovely with some "lost in translation" funnies in the box instruction.

The second one is a 251/9 from Revell. Fantastic set. Highly recommended.
Gave this gunny a winter-white wash with Humbrol acrylics. The chippings are done with salt.
Used some water-mixeable oils for the fading and weathering.

Both figures come from the TQD, the Ardennes -Set as I recall.

Both vehicles share the same 75mm Stummel gun. Will run them in the 5. Co (Heavy) of my Pz. AA.
There will be three or four vehicles for each Co. 


Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Pz. Aufklaerungs Abteilung (1)


after all those Soviets I have the deep wish to go out for different.

These days I am going to build up a small German battlegroup that could encouter some of the Soviets. My idea is to have a fast and hard-hitting force that consist of some armoured cars, some halftracks, some infantry and at least some AT vehicle.

This battle-group should run for late war 44/45. 

I started with some 5 infantry men. These men are from the Caesar range plus one converted "Gebirgsjager" from Zvesda.

Have some small conversions here. The Faustnik was original wearing some skis on his shoulder. I removed them and gave him a Panzerfaust.

Also put a heavy armed car from the SdKfz 234 range on the workbech. It ´s a model from Hasegawa and I am quite pleased so far. Fitting was somehow complex but much better than thought. The car is painted with Humbrol Acrylics (from the can). The camo was done with Vallejo colours. Decals came from the Hase-set.

Still much to do.