Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Tankograd 1# (2)

Here is the next update on the " T ".
The vehicle is slightly weathered with oils - nothing special but I ´m quite pleased with the result. Bolts and edges are "metallic" highlighted with a sharp pencil.

Montag, 26. März 2012

Tankograd 1#

This one here is some work in progress on a T 34 from Plastic Soldier Company Ltd.
Quite enjoyable kits these are with good fitting. I do enjoy the tracks of these sets.
The tank was painted with a mix of some Tamiya greens. Later on I gave the modell a wash with Games Workshop inks (black and sepia).

For the signalling crew-member I tried out something new. After an acrylic base painting I worked on with  oils. These oils are water mixeable and quite good to work with. They come from the Windsor and Newton / Lukas range. These oils have a quite long drying time. After two days of drying the red flag seems still a bit wet to me. Will continue some test with these oils on other figures.

Freitag, 23. März 2012

SiS 3 / ZiS 3 soviet anti-tank gun 4#

Here is the next update.
Two more "men" came along. Both are from the Italeri range. These figures are quite a pleasure to work with and I can deeply recomend these Italeri soviets.

At least one more "man" should come along. And... much more work on the scenery.

Samstag, 17. März 2012

SiS 3 / ZiS 3 soviet anti-tank gun 3#

Here is the next update on the SiS Gun and it´s crew.
I used a larger piece of Styrofoam for the base. The landscape is carved with a sharp knife and later textured with Liquitex.

After the texture gel dried I used several layers of fine turf (Woodland Scenics) plus sieved sand.
Here are some in progress pictures. Still four "men" are not ready painted. Hope to have them within next week.

Montag, 12. März 2012

SiS 3 / ZiS 3 soviet anti-tank gun 2#

Now here for the gun.
As mentioned earlier this SiS 3 redition is nice for wargaming but if you are out for "in-scale" modelling I would not count on it.

Sonntag, 11. März 2012

SiS 3 / ZiS 3 soviet anti-tank gun 1#

This one here is Italeri´s rendition of the famous soviet 76mm anti-tank gun. The set was released somewhere in 2007 (?) as I recall. I had it on the workbench since last years October but I am willing to finish it now.
The gun itself is an 8 piece plastic vehicle. Nothing good - nothing bad. Just OK for wargaming. The gun crew is somehow outstanding. Dramatic poses and expressional faces.

The DP an the sub-machine gunner are not with the SiS 3 set. They came along with Italeri´s winter soviets but are nice addition to this.

Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Franken'tank #1

Somedays back my friend Jason from Dorset gave me a spare parts box as a present. This box is full of 1:72 and HO/OO stuff: Incomplete kits, sprues, figurines -  a real jewell-box.
I found parts from a T 34, ISU/SU 152 tank, parts from Tigers, Panthers, Jagdpanzers.

These are all spare parts and some sleepless night I gambled around with these parts. I was searching for whatever - when Dr.  Frankensteyn looked over my shoulder and forced me to create ....
a Franken´tank.

 So what do we have here?
  • The hull is obviously a ISU 152 from supposably Italeri.
  • The suspension is from Revell. Tiger I
  • The wheels belong to a Tiger I obviously made by Revell and eventually Hasegawa (grey parts).
  • The tracks are Tiger I (guess) fully bad vinyl - so eventually Hasegawa
  • The on board-machine gun is a Tiger or Panzer IV spare part
  • The main gun is the blind spot. I suppose it is a 128 mm gun made for Hunting Tiger / Tiger II.
    • It is a clear grey PE part, obviously of Dragon origin.

All these parts fit together somehow very well - with the tracks as the only real flaw.
It looks strange but Dr. Frankensteyns creature was strange too.
More to come....?

Freitag, 2. März 2012

StuIG 33 #4

Here is the next update on the Sturmgun.
Using styrodur I started a little base for the gun.
I thought the whole thing must have a winter setting so I added two winter grenadiers.
These "men" are from the Pegasus range.

All is still work in progress but I am quite pleased about the progress so far.